SESAM Homebox


The ETT BASIC is a vending machine available in various configurations that is suitable for dispensing all types of products, with the exception of hazardous substances. Both large and small products can be dispensed using cards, RFID chips or codes. This ensures that items are only removed by authorized persons.

IVM SaveSpring & SaveBoxen

The ETT SaveSpring is an automatic rondel machine developed by IVM. The configurable compartment layout enables the dispensing of a variety of products such as health and safety articles, auxiliary materials or tools. The ETT SaveSpring can be used in many areas of application.The ETT SaveBox from IVM is a dispensing system that is perfect for dispensing and managing tools. Tools can be safely stored and dispensed. One feature is the possible integration of a network connection, for example to be able to charge returnable items. The device can also be equipped with weighing technology so that the consumption of small parts can also be measured accurately.




The ETT EL-9 from Achterberg GmbH is an automatic dispenser that is ideal for small parts and tools. The drawers can be individually configured and adapted to the item sizes. In addition, a single flap locking system can be integrated, which is used for high-priced items or for managing keys, for example. There are no limits to the variety of products that can be displayed, from tools to screws.


The AR-18 developed by Achterberg GmbH is a rondel vending machine with up to 1080 product compartments. The compartment layout is freely configurable in height and width and allows fast and controlled dispensing. The products stored here are mainly industrial safety articles, auxiliary materials and tools.


Achterberg's ES-40L is a locker machine that is particularly suitable for dispensing both large, bulky and flatter items. The product range extends from work clothing to tool cases.



The RFID Box & Kanban from tagItron GmbH simplify and accelerate the procurement process and can be integrated into the process according to individual customer requirements. The Kanban systems link the material and information flow in order to optimize business processes. These systems can be used in incoming and outgoing goods, warehousing and order picking.


TeDaLos weighing systems can be used in any company. The precise weighing systems can monitor and manage products and liquids of all kinds. The possibilities are numerous, as the system can monitor any stock in real time and thus display consumption at any time.


QuWiki is an RFID board marketed by the company Agimero GmbH. The card system is intended to automate the reordering process and thus relieve the ordering process. Orders can be structured and scheduled using a weekly listing on a board. This system can be used for virtually all areas of application.