VDE TESTLAB for Fire Behaviour

Single cable fire tests

The single cable fire tests are carried out according to DIN EN 60332-1-2, DIN EN 60332-3, DIN EN 60332-2-2 and DIN EN 60695-11-10. Exemplary tests are performed on cables, insulated conductors and fiber optic cables in case of fire. The vertical flame propagation on a core, an insulated line or a cable with a 1 kW flame with gas-air mixture is tested. Objective: To assess the fire development of a single vertical or diagonally attached cable sample.

Bundle fire tests

The basis for carrying out these tests are the standards DIN EN 60332-2-2x (VDE 0482-332-3-2x), VDE 0472-804, DIN VDE 0276-604 (VDE 0276-604). The tests are performed on cables, insulated cables, and fiber optic cables. The fire case is simulated to determine the vertical flame propagation of vertically arranged bundles of cables and insulated lines. The aim is to evaluate the fire development of a vertical bundle of cables and wires by determining the burn-up distance.

Control of heat release

When monitoring the heat release chamber and the subsequent evaluation, our customers can follow the test in the control room if desired.

Insulation integrity

Insulation integrity tests according to DIN EN 50200 (VDE 0482-200), DIN EN 50362 (VDE 0482-362), IEC 60331-2x, VDE 0472-814 are carried out to simulate fire conditions. Cables with different diameters for use in emergency circuits with unprotected installation are tested. The objective of assessing the fire resistance of suitably designed cables and conductors intended for use in emergency circuits.

Control of smoke tightness and insulation maintenance

Monitoring of the smoke tightness chamber and the insulation maintenance chamber and subsequent evaluation.

Control room

From here, the monitoring of the ongoing tests for bundle fire tests, heat release as well as insulation maintenance and smoke tightness takes place. Our customers also have the opportunity to attend the tests from here if they wish.

Exhaust gas cleaning control panel

The combustion of cable materials produces exhaust gases. These are filtered out by the special exhaust gas cleaning system. The waste gas purification system is suitable for fire tests with halogen-containing materials (e.g. PVC). The system is designed for multi-shift operation and extreme load cases.

Smoke tightness

Smoke tightness measurements according to DIN EN 61034-2 (VDE 0482-1034-2) to measure the smoke tightness of cables and insulated lines when burning under defined conditions. The purpose of this measurement is to evaluate the smoke tightness development in case of fire, e.g. with regard to evacuation of persons and accessibility for the fire department.

Heat release

The test according to DIN EN 50399 (VDE 0482-399) is carried out to determine the behavior of cables and insulated lines in case of fire. The heat release of the cables in case of fire as well as the flame propagation and smoke generation during the test are measured. The aim is, on the one hand, to visually assess fire behavior and smoke generation and, on the other hand, to analyze the gases generated during the fire.